On this day in music history: September 13, 1980 - “Give Me The Night” by George Benson hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 3 weeks, also peaking at #4 on the Hot 100 on September 27, 1980. Written by Rod Temperton it is the biggest hit for the veteran jazz guitarist and vocalist from Pittsburgh, PA. Working with Quincy Jones, the producer will call on frequent collaborator Temperton to write some material for Benson’s album. The former Heatwave keyboardist and songwriter will go away and come back with five songs including “Love X Love”, “Star Of A Story (X)”, Turn Out The Lamplight”, the instrumental “Off Broadway” and the title track, which will be the last song recorded for the album. The song is completed so late in the recording process that no demo for the song is recorded. Temperton will just sing a guide vocal over the basic track with Patti Austin, Jim Gilstrap, Diva Gray and Jocelyn Allen providing the background vocals. Benson will come into the studio and record his lead vocal and guitar parts in one session. The guitarist will be reassured of the songs’ commercial potential when he plays the finished track for his kids who ask him to play it repeatedly. Released as a single in July of 1980, “Give Me The Night” will simultaneously rise up the R&B and pop singles charts, driving the “Give Me The Night” album to Platinum status in the US.

South African Man - Hamilton Bohannon

South African Man

Hamilton Bohannon - South African Man


Hamilton Bohannon - South African Man

I am a huge fan of Bohannon and his songs make me feel the groove like only a few can, but if i have to choose one favorite, i think it’s “South African Man”. This song was released in the 1974 album "South African Man", one of the less known album (and probably the rarest) of him. The whole album is the most “Afro funk” release of him and this song is a perfect example. 

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